Our Story


For years, breweries have supplied ranchers with “spent” beer grains, the ingredients used to produce the beer we all know and love. They use this byproduct as a supplemental feed for their livestock, using the hardy feed’s nutritional and digestive elements to bolster the feed profile of their animals. All of this got us thinking –Couldn’t we use these ingredients to benefit our dogs at home? The answer is YES!

After consulting with veterinarians, animal nutritionists and our own canine “focus groups,” we started to create our line of beer grain-based dog treats.

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Brew Bones have been carefully formulated with nutrition-oriented dog owners in mind. Hand crafted using delicious commercially brewed grains, then blend them with other top quality snout-watering smells and tastes- from local Colorado honey, premium organic bouillon, and the finest natural and organic nutrients available- to keep your dog healthy, happy, and ready for another round.

Made from commercially brewed beer grain, Brew Bones are a safe, fun way to share the taste and tradition of beer with your four-footed friend. Brew Bones contain NO alcohol or hops, but hold the same flavor as your favorite adult beverage. It’s as close to a real brew as a dog can get – even if they’re underage (no… dog years don’t count).


Helpful digestive fibers
Combined with a carefully selected blend of organic and natural ingredients to provide the highest quality dog biscuit possible.

Alcohol free
The grains we feature in our products are removed from the brewing process prior to fermentation and then slow-baked, ensuring they remain alcohol-free.

Hops free
Brew Bones most assuredly do not contain hops, a potentially dangerous canine allergen for some dogs.

Free of wheat, corn, soy and artificial preservatives.

All of which, though common in many dog treats and foods, can cause a number of health issues in dogs over time.


Beyond our commitment to environmental responsibility, the people of Brew Bones are committed to the community we serve. In addition to regularly donating our product to dog shelters along the Front Range, we have pledged to donate a percentage of our profits to animal shelters in the Denver area.

Check out our latest goods!

  • brewbones_snoutlickinstout2

    Snout Lickin’ Stout

    Dark roasted grains used to create commercial Stouts are harmonized with a host of organic and top quality human-grade ingredients to create a mouth-watering treat for your most loyal friend. We shape these unique biscuits into iconic pint glasses and top them off with a thin “head” of specially formulated dog-safe yogurt icing for a look that you will appreciate, and a taste your dog will love.
  • brewbones_paletail2

    Pale Tail

    Mmm. Tastes like chicken. That’s because we take delicious craft-brewed Pale Ale grains and then infuse them with organic and the highest-quality human-grade ingredients available,  including organic chicken bouillon, sweet Colorado honey and the finest organic flours around . The result? A bold and flavorful treat your pup is sure to love.
  • brewbones_rescuered2

    Rescue Red

    Made from Amber Ale craft brewed malted barley. A portion of proceeds from this flavor go to support Canine Search and Rescue Training Organizations. 10oz. standup/hanging pouch.
  • brewbones_pupkin2

    Pupkin Porter

    Our GABF gold medal-winning craft brewery source uses real pumpkin, not an extract, in making this delicious seasonal flavor, and we just make it better for our four-legged friends. Seasonal. 10oz. standup/hanging pouch.