Isn’t it time you buy your hound a round?

Made from commercially brewed beer grain, Brew Bones are a safe, fun way to share the taste and tradition of beer with your four-footed friend. Brew Bones contain NO alcohol or hops, but hold the same flavor as your favorite adult beverage.  It’s as close to a real brew as a dog can get –  even if they’re underage (no… dog years don’t count).

  • brewbones_snoutlickinstout2

    Snout Lickin’ Stout

    Dark roasted grains used to create commercial Stouts are harmonized with a host of organic and top quality human-grade ingredients to create a mouth-watering treat for your most loyal friend. We shape these unique biscuits into iconic pint glasses and top them off with a thin “head” of specially formulated dog-safe yogurt icing for a look that you will appreciate, and a taste your dog will love.
  • brewbones_paletail2

    Pale Tail

    Mmm. Tastes like chicken. That’s because we take delicious craft-brewed Pale Ale grains and then infuse them with organic and the highest-quality human-grade ingredients available,  including organic chicken bouillon, sweet Colorado honey and the finest organic flours around . The result? A bold and flavorful treat your pup is sure to love.
  • brewbones_rescuered2

    Rescue Red

    Made from Amber Ale craft brewed malted barley. A portion of proceeds from this flavor go to support Canine Search and Rescue Training Organizations. 10oz. standup/hanging pouch.
  • brewbones_pupkin2

    Pupkin Porter

    Our GABF gold medal-winning craft brewery source uses real pumpkin, not an extract, in making this delicious seasonal flavor, and we just make it better for our four-legged friends. Seasonal. 10oz. standup/hanging pouch.
  • brewbones_blackandtan2

    Black and Tan

    Like the famous Pub refreshment, an even mix of Pale Tail and Snout Lickin Stout biscuits. 10oz. standup/hanging pouch.

Brew Bones have been carefully formulated with nutrition-oriented dog owners in mind. Hand crafted using delicious commercially brewed grains, then blend them with other top quality snout-watering smells and tastes- from local Colorado honey, premium organic bouillon, and the finest natural and organic nutrients available- to keep your dog healthy, happy, and ready for another round.